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Buzz Jacobs

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Learn About the Types of Businesses I Acquire.

I acquire (and work with investors to acquire) businesses that fit the following criteria:


  • In business for 3+ Years

  • Stable or Growing Top-Line Revenue of $1M+

  • Consistent, Sustainable Profit Margins of 20%+

  • Annual Net Cash Flow of $200K+

  • Competitive Advantage in Market (e.g., Established Brand, Growing Community, or Niche)

  • Dedicated, Hard-Working Team of 7+ Employees

  • Positive, Ethical Culture and Generally Accepted Business Practices

If your business fits the above criteria, I’d welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Please direct message me via social media or click here to email me.

If your business falls a little short of the above criteria, send it to me anyway. I may be able to tap into my network to find you a buyer or otherwise put you on a path to grow your business. I usually respond in a few days.

"One of my favorite things to do is to help people succeed. It's very rewarding. Let's Connect!"

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