Want to sell your company? I partner with investors to acquire and grow businesses. 

Buzz Jacobs

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Learn About the Types of Businesses I Acquire.

I acquire (and work with investors to acquire) businesses that fit the following criteria:


  • In business for 3+ Years

  • Stable or Growing Top-Line Revenue of $3M+

  • Consistent, Sustainable Profit Margins of 20%+

  • Annual Net Cash Flow of $600K+

  • Competitive Advantage in Market (e.g., Established Brand, Growing Community, or Niche)

  • Dedicated, Hard-Working Team of 7+ Employees

  • Positive, Ethical Culture and Generally Accepted Business Practices

If you have a business that you want to sell, please reach out. You can direct message me via social media or click here to email me.

If your business falls a little short of the above criteria, send it to me anyway. I may be able to tap into my network to find you a buyer or otherwise put you on a path to grow your business. I usually respond in a few days.

"One of my favorite things to do is to help people succeed. It's very rewarding. Let's Connect!"

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