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Is Your Company Vulnerable to Decline?

Every company and institution, no matter how great, is vulnerable to decline - as Jim Collins so artfully articulated in his book “How the Mighty Fall.”

In the first few centuries after the birth of Christ, the Roman Empire dominated Europe and the Middle East. It was massive, stretching from Portugal in the West to Iran in the East. Among those alive back then, there would have been no doubt: this gigantic, all-powerful empire would last forever. Alas, it did not: within just a few centuries it was gone, banished to the trash heap of history.

The decline of the Roman Empire shows that, no matter how vast or successful something is, it will always be in danger of collapsing.

But what causes decline? What can make a huge entity come crashing down?

The decline of a large organization is always self-inflicted: collapse isn’t the fault of outside factors or bad luck; it’s the direct result of mismanagement.

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