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Serving a Cause Greater than Self

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the #BushCheney 2023 reunion, and I couldn't help but reflect on the incredible journey we embarked on together during our time in the White House and in the George W. Bush Administration. It was truly heartwarming to reunite with dear friends who shared a common purpose and the commitment to serve a cause greater than ourselves.

During those years, we witnessed firsthand the power of dedicated individuals coming together to make a difference. We faced challenges head-on, navigated complex issues, and strived to create a positive impact on our nation and the world. Our time in public service was a humbling experience that taught us valuable lessons about leadership, resilience, and the importance of working towards a shared vision.

While our paths may have diverged since then, the spirit of service continues to burn brightly within each of us. It is a flame that reminds us of the profound impact we can have when we dedicate our efforts to something beyond personal gain.

I was grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with all my friends and former colleagues, and I am inspired by the incredible work each of them continues to do in advancing America, liberty, and freedom.


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