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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Only those that have ventured into the world of #entrepreneurship can fully appreciate the breadth and depth of skills required to conceptualize, launch, and grow a company from scratch.

If you have not had that opportunity to dive into entrepreneurship, imagine playing the role of #CEO, #COO, #CTO, #CIO, #CFO, and #CMO at one point or another every month. Sometimes you play each of those roles in one day!

To bounce from role-to-role like that and still achieve your strategic objective requires a great deal of focus, flexibility, commitment, and patience.

#Focus to keep the proverbial ball moving down the court.

#Flexibility to deal with unexpected curveballs that are thrown your way.

#Commitment to push through the grind of building a business.

#Patience to give your venture the time to bloom from a seed into a very tall plant that can be harvested and sold.

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful undertakeing, but sometimes it’s hard.

So, today, I offer #encouragement to all who have undertaken the #entrepreneurial journey. I salute you - the millions of people who have ventured into the risk-taking world of entrepreneurship.

From the local neighborhood shop owners to the industry titans who have turned their risk-taking ventures into #Fortune500 companies, thanks for what you are doing to grow and build the #economy and #create jobs. You rock!

If you’re an Entrepreneur, please take a second to promote yourself in the comments below. Tap into my network by telling everyone about your company and what services you offer.

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