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Too Early to Call GOP Primary for President "Two Man Race"

The #GOP Primary for President is not a “two man race,” as some are claiming. At this early stage, that’s barely believable. So, why are supporters of Ron #DeSantis pushing this claim? And, how can this tactic be applied in a way that can be used in #business?

One early goal of every campaign is to “set the stage” with a narrative that will help the candidate build support, raise money, and earn votes. This is often done by defining a “path to victory.” It’s a smart tactic that feeds the media narrative and helps define the race in the eyes of the public.

#DeSantis’ team wants #GOP#influencers (conservative media, big donors, elected officials, and GOP activists) to buy into this idea that only one candidate can beat #Trump. They want to rally influencers behind #DeSantis, because a splintered #GOP electorate will most likely again lead to Trump's nomination.

#DeSantis’ team wants to keep #GOP#influencers on the sidelines and prevent them from giving badly needed support to #Pence, #Scott, #Pompeo, #Hutchinson, #Haley and others. However, it’s likely that every one of those candidates will have the money necessary to compete in the #IA#Caucus - either directly or via a Super PAC.

A top three showing in #IA and a win in the #NH Primary will set the stage for a highly competitive showdown in the #SC Primary that will likely determine who the #GOP#nominee for President will be. This has consistently happened in the past, and it will most likely be the case in #2024.

I know from first-hand experience that victories in those early states will redefine the race for #President and all the posturing and jockeying taking place now will be mostly irrelevant this time next year. Money certainly matters, and #DeSantishas a lot to spend. But, money isn’t all that matters. Consider that #Jeb Bush’s team spent the most in #2016 in #Iowa - about $15 million - yet he came in 6th place. There is a long way to go before the votes are cast.

Now, how can this "path to victory" political tactic be applied in business?

Every early-stage company has to tell a story. To get #investors, companies have to “set the stage” in way that demonstrates how funders will get their money back and also get a high return on their #investment. #Startups also need to convince prospective #customers that they provide a product/service that is needed and that the company will be around long enough to meet its obligations to deliver the product/service, among many other things.

By defining your company’s “path to victory,” and including all the necessary elements in your #story, you can use the same #tactics that political campaigns use to garner #media attention and establish yourself in the marketplace. So, be sure to define your company’s path to victory and follow the same tactics that presidential campaigns use to win national political victories. By doing so, you will get the #investors and #customers you need to grow your company.

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